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Dan kennedy is one of the experts in marketing that I love to learn more. His style as “crude” and direct several times annoy or irritate a number of people for the simple reason that prefer to escape the reality that are always mentioned in their courses and programs.

This position, we will see 5 lessons I learned in a course of Dan Kennedy called “Attraction of wealth for Entrepreneurs” or Spanish “Attraction of wealth for entrepreneurs”.  I know that much to read the word “attraction” may suggest that it is a program or a course on the law of attraction or a subject of metaphysics, but is not the case.

I will share with you what practical lessons that will help change your state of mind and how to feel the money in all respects.  It is not bound to secrecy or to think positively.

1 Loss/gain on a sale

The vast majority of people have the idea that if a certain amount of money going from person a to person B, is the transaction adds to person b and impoverishes the person. It is an idea completely false that many of us adopted unconsciously.

Often, when we want to sell something, feel a bit of “guilty”, because the person will be less money if you buy our products or services sell you at a price high especially if. It can also we affect our sales, the prices that we offer our products and many other topics.

If you want to sell a product or service to a person who has very little money and you think that you should not do; regardless of the question of whether or not you made, that person remains without money in a day, a week or a month.

Their situation remains unchanged of the night.  The same happens if the client has a lot of money, after the sale is going to keep having lots of money.

We sell, the money is simply moved from one person to another, what is the poorest and the richest in the other.

2 Negative “programmed” in the mind of thoughts

Perhaps when you were similar to “money grows on trees!” small sentences tell you (a) your parents or your similar comments in implying that it is very difficult to make money and be rich. All these thoughts and sentences are provided in our minds of our childhood. Become our “operating system”, with which we operate every day, affecting a large part of our business and our financial lives.

To avoid this, it is necessary to identify what thoughts and beliefs we have “scheduled” to replace small to no later than their other positive and brings us bring to our goals.

I recommend much claims, which recommends Napoleon Hill in his book “think and become” rich It identifies certain positive phrases that help to eliminate these negative thoughts and repeat them 3 times a day for 5 minutes, this makes a total of 15 minutes. You will see that you go slowly in adopting new ways of thinking.

3. Farewell to fear

It is a fact that nobody likes “fail”. If I put in quotation marks because I doubt very much that this word has the same meaning for everyone. For some, “fail” mean humiliation and defeat, which led to leave the project or activity.

For others, it is just a normal process that contributes much to learn the lessons that must learn to go forward and evolving. Unfortunately, most did not see therefore, failure, rather than take action and seek to achieve their goals, is left with no fear of “failure”.

If we want to achieve something, it is inevitable that there will be some type of risk. The best thing is to accept, to take action, and if “we fail”, take it as a natural process of learning instead of a an excuse to abandon the vessel.

A clear example is Donald Trump, who has lost his Fortune and soon his healing and makes it even greater. Anyone in his case would have all but recover all lost money.

4 Leave the apology to once and for all

Excuse and guilty for the things that we have poorly run is a behavior completely opposed to the lure of money. If we do apologize for any occasion, such as:

• “Very expensive”.
• “Not a going to buy.”
• “I am not good for that.”
• “I know anything on the subject”
“The fault of the Government” • “if it were not for my work” “my wife does not leave me.”
• “The economy is very bad.”

Escape our responsibility does not lead anywhere. The best is to assume that we create the results you want and are only responsible for things occur.

Of course there are external factors that influence, but especially yourself. It is time to forget the role of the victim, “anything that happens to me” and start being more proactive in all aspects.

5. The language you use for the money.

What type of language use in your daily conversation when you talk about money? Perhaps talk about rising gasoline prices, the lack of money in your home, poverty which appears every day more is on the rise or of how the crisis affects you. Or maybe you talk about your financial objectives, of the plans you have, how you in your business, how many are planning to win in the coming months 3, etc.

Whatever your case, it is prudent to these conversations affect much your daily performance and financial life. If you you reduced negative enslaved, your perception of reality will be more suited for the negative things; If you you reduced slavery on the positive side, all see more productive and more optimistic.

Remember that the possibility that you assume as “reality” goes directly to your subconscious, forming patterns of behaviour are not so easy to change.

It was from I 5 lessons Dan Kennedy, without a doubt one of the most important specialists on marketing in the world. I am satisfied that the information which that you helped, comments, do not hesitate to write back.

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