It is a question that I have ordered several times by email, and who had promised that will respond.

Do as the index of my Web site?

In this article, I am especially referring to a page in WordPress server, because they are those who have the necessary structure to be indexed faster, better optimized are and why, which is that I always recommend for someone who wants to make money online.

At the end of the article, you will find the video in which I explain everything, because there are those who loves reading and others who prefer videos…

Is index? He is known as be indexed on a web site that appears in the Google index, that is to say that this site was already detected by Google, and it can appear in the index, when a person performs a search using this search engine.

Of course, to all webmasters that we are interested in Google index, we can say which is the first goal of any web site.

Now, go directly to the topic, then I give you the 6 steps that will make your site quick index:

1. 5 Publishes articles with your main keywords: even before to create your web site, you already know which would be the 5 key words or key words with which you want to index your site.

You then create an article for each of these keywords, which must include these keywords in your title and the content thereof and of course publishing these articles.

2 – Activate the google xml sitemap generatorPlugin: This plugin is importantisimo activate you until they are already published your 5 articles.

Because it will generate your first map of the site, and of course, we want that the sitemap contains our articles.

A very common mistake is to load all plugins and activate the installation of wordpress, this plugin on specific, that it must be enabled unless the site has content, if you create the first map of the site with the position which appears by default in the installation which is generally called “hello world”.

If a little more about the importance of sitemaps in your strategy of SEO (search engine optimization) read my article:

What is and what is A Sitemap

3 – Create a stream in Feedburner: WordPress already includes 2 different systems of feeds: RSS and ATOM, which is used and designated is usually RSS.

Now, we need to create a feed in FeedBurner, because in addition to this, he has a better speed and greater capacity of sindicalizacion, Feedburner is owned by Google and the mere fact of creation, we are already attracting the attention of Google.

4 – Create a Google Analytics account and install it We again call the attention of Google to create an account and install google analytics on our blog.

But of course also be used because it is one of the tools that most of the needs a webamaster: know their traffic statistics.

5-make pings: will be the next step, our account of FeedBurner, Ping in the best two Pings services: Pingomatic and Pingoat

A ping is than an automatic notification to different directories social networks, and search engines, warning that there is new content on our site, or in the case of a new site, is a warning that there is a new site with content.

6 – Create an account in FeedAgg: the last step, will also use account feedburner creating an account at FeedAgg which is a very powerful feed management service, as well as it has a very powerful feature: cre a lens in squidoo with your feed instantlyin order to increase the input links on your site, all from the same place and in a few minutes.

Finally, nothing else avoid waiting

With these steps, it is likely that the same day your site it already indexed, or more should be no later than 3 days.

To check if already, indexing, simply type the following in the search engine Google: site:

If so, you appear to be articles which you published, as these indexed!

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